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  • Each year the Beaverton Rural Schools Board of Education evaluates the performance of its Superintendent. As part of that process, the board invites input from staff, parents, community leaders, and the public to help inform the board as it prepares its official evaluation.

    The board has prepared a brief evaluation survey as an effective and efficient way to gather that input. Each section also includes an option to make a brief comment that might be helpful to the board.

    Every member of communities served by Beaverton Rural Schools is invited to participate by following this link to the survey on Survey Monkey:

    Your participation is appreciated.

Re-adopted September 28, 2015 
Beaverton Rural Schools, in partnership with the community, will ensure an environment in which all students acquire skills necessary for lifelong learning and responsible citizenship.
Re-adopted September 28, 2015 
Beaverton Rural Schools provides students the best opportunity to learn, develop, and be prepared for success in higher education, career, and community.
Newly-adopted September 28, 2015
As the Beaverton Rural Schools Board of Education performs its sworn duties to oversee a district that produces young adults properly prepared for life and learning, it does so with these assurances to staff, students and parents:
Student Achievement
Beaverton Rural Schools will offer a quality education to all students to prepare them for their next chapter in life.
We’ll take care of your kids by ensuring a physically safe and well-maintained environment where students thrive and the community has a sense of pride.
Fiscal Responsibility
We’ll take care of your money by exercising keen fiduciary oversight at all times to benefit the district as a whole.
Growth and Learning Environment
We’ll give our students and teachers the tools they need by providing leadership and support to create and sustain an open and flexible environment.
Public Relations and Stakeholder Engagement
The Board will listen more than we speak as one organization and in one consistent voice.

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    I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible; with liberty and justice for all.

    1. Senior Exam Schedule for today is 1, 3, 5.
    2. Please dismiss JV Baseball & Softball at 2 pm today, Varsity Softball and Baseball @ 3 pm.
    3. Beaverton is hosting the 5th Grade Track Meet. If you are interested in volunteering to assist Mrs. Winter you may pick up a pre-arranged absence form in the office. 
    4. If you are an incoming 7th through 10th grader who is interested in having fun and working with your hands, CTE Summer Camp is for you. Camp will take place June 14-16 from 9:00-noon and 12:30-3:30. Each session is only $20.00. Lunch is provided if you attend both a morning and afternoon session. Sign up today at or by calling (989) 386-9334.
    5. Saint-Gobain is hosting a Hiring Event Wednesday May 31st from 9-3 pm at the BAC. There are fliers in the hall if you are interested.

    Events Tonight:   Varsity Softball and Baseball play St. Louis at home tonight.  JV Baseball and Softball will be on the road to St. Louis.

    Events results:   The varsity track team participated in the Regional Track meet on Friday at Clare. Medal winners for the boys include: Parker Hayes 1st in both the 800m and 1600m, David Jenkins 4th in the 100m, and 6th in the 400 meter, Michael Durbin 5th in the 300 hurdles, Eric Cassiday 7th in the Shot Put, The 4 x 100 team of Kyle Cassiday, Marcus Eberlein, Conner Graves, and Brandon Shearer were 8th, the 4 x 400 team of Michael Durbin, Parker Hayes, David Jenkins, and Isaac Steele were 4th and the 4 x 800 team of Graham Govitz, Elijah Hayes, Parker Hayes, Isaac Steele were 5th. For the Girls Donna Jean Eschenbacher was 1st in the long jump, and 2nd in both the 100 and 300 hurdles, Ali Aldrich was 4th in the Shot Put.

    Parker's and Donna's performances qualified them for the State Meet on June 3rd.


    Happy Birthday:  Happy Birthday today Devon Dion!

    Today’s Lunch Menu:  Boneless Chicken Wings, Mashed Potato & Chicken Bowl

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