• Elementary School
    Principal Bassage
  •  December STAR Students
    440 South Ross Street   ·   Beaverton, Michigan  48612   ·   (989) 246.3020
       Beaverton Elementary School is home to 600 students in grades kindergarten through sixth. Our caring staff of 40 includes 23 teachers. We are located in Beaverton, just blocks from downtown and beautiful Ross Lake.
       In addition to our core curriculum aligned with Michigan Curriculum Framework, our students enjoy music and physical education classes. Our staff of highly qualified teachers set high expectations and utilize teaching strategies that work. Our students are achieving high standards.
       The Elementary School, located at 440 South Ross Street, houses kindergarten through 6th grade. 
       We are a building of caring educators where your child can experience a bright beginning. You are welcome to visit us in person anytime by calling our office at (989) 246.3020 to make arrangements.
  • "Bright beginnings begin at Beaverton Elementary School" 

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