• Beaverton Elementary School

    Respectful. Responsible. Safe

  • Beaverton Elementary Play Area

    440 South Ross Street · Beaverton, Michigan  48612 · (989) 246.3020 

    Beaverton Elementary School is home to approximately 500 students in grades kindergarten through sixth, boasts a low teacher-student ratio and sets high expectations for students while scaffolding all learners.  In addition to our curriculum aligned with state and national standards, our students enjoy art, music, technology, and physical education classes. Our staff of highly qualified teachers set high expectations and utilize teaching strategies that work, including PBIS* and RTI.** Our students are achieving high academic standards in a well-maintained, secure environment.  BES staff and students regularly collaborate with local law enforcement to maintain high standards of safety.  Parents are welcome to schedule a visit with the school.  In accordance with our updated safety policy, please check in through the office, located at the North End of the building. 




    *Positive Behavior Intervention Supports

    **Response to Intervention