How does Beaverton’s situation compare to that of the Gwinn School District?

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The Department of Treasury advises that Gwinn’s model is not applicable to Beaverton. Gwinn is IN deficit; Beaverton is NOT in deficit.

The Department of Treasury separates schools into three different categories when working with them:

Category 1 – Pre-Deficit or Treasury’s Early Warning (Beaverton is here);
MDE Deficit Schools – Schools projected to be in deficit less than 5 years.  Required to submit Deficit Elimination Plan (DEP).

Category 2 – Treasury Deficit districts (project to be in deficit greater than 5 years or “rapidly deteriorating”)
Required to submit Enhanced Deficit Elimination Plan (EDEP). (Gwinn is here due to rapidly deteriorating financial circumstances)

Category 3 – Financial Emergencies (Emergency Managers, Consent Agreements, Bankruptcy, etc.)