Why would you move sixth grade to BJSHS? Are you serious and when would you do this?

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There are many potential benefits to moving sixth grade to the BJSHS including:

  • Providing BES with space to house its own Daycare Room
  • Michigan may mandate Preschool for all students, and when this happens, BES will need additional space to house that program
  • BES needs space to house a Young Fives Program slated for Fall, 2019
  • Sixth grade students will have a much broader opportunity for higher-level instructional programming at BJSHS (i.e. accelerated learning, potential gifted/talented opportunities)
  • Sixth grade students will be better equipped with study skills throughout their secondary-level academic career
  • Grades 6-8 students could certainly be housed at one end of BJSHS (i.e. utilizing their own grades 6-8 bathrooms/lockers; grades 6-8 dances; joining grades 6-8 Student Government)

Administration is researching this option for future programming. This venture would not occur until thoroughly vetted with the Beaverton community, staff and students involved. These conversations would occur throughout the 2019-2020 school year.